“But when you fast, perfume your head and wash your face, so that your fasting may not be noticed by men but by your Father, Who sees in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.” Matt 6:17-18 (Amplified)

The normally secretive and aptly named British Intelligence Service MI5 recently took an unprecedented and uncharacteristic step; they started advertising for recruits openly in the broadsheets. However, they understandably advised their prospects not to mention the specifics of their application to anyone, not even their spouses, and to be discrete in order not to draw attention to themselves. In the cloak and dagger world of international espionage and intelligence gathering, such is to be expected. Well, it may please or even surprise you to discover that the Almighty God has His own version of the secret service. This time around, it has nothing to do with cloak and dagger and everything to do with the closet and patella (kneecap).

Much of the work of the secret service goes on underground and much of what they achieve cannot even be shared openly mainly because of their sensitiveness and also to protect the national interest. Nevertheless, there are few times when news of their subterranean exploits surface and we hear and cheer their achievements, but most of the time, we only enjoy the fruits of their toil without knowing about the gory details of what they had to do to get those results. Since we are on the subject of laying up treasures in heaven, it might either please or horrify us to know that our prayers and fasting are actually treated like treasures in heaven. Rev 5:8 says that our prayers are held in a golden bowl and offered as incense to God. They are presented as offering to Him. The only proviso is that it is all hush-hush. This kind of ministry is best done in the secret of our closets and on our knees because they would then be untainted by our desire for self adulation. Whatever we do is only on a need to know basis; so we can’t shout it out from the rooftop. Just like in the secret service, only those who need to know should know or we might risk the project and compromise our mandate.

The good news is that unlike in the secret service, where secrets are classified, some never to be revealed, God has patently assured us that whatever is done is secret will ultimately be revealed on the rooftop for the whole world to see and either acclaim or condemn. However, since our work of prayer and fasting is to advance His kingdom, God has His unique way of making us known to the world. He will anoint us with His Spirit and through us trumpet His name to the world as characterised by the good works that He would undoubtedly accomplish through us. All depends on whether we are faithfully making our deposits of prayer and fasting and laying up our treasures in heaven so that God can make us treasures here on earth and use us for His glory. As Jesus affirmed to His disciples, nothing significant can be accomplished but by prayer and fasting. So, if we desire to really see His move in our world, we have to get down to brass tackle and commence our own secret service. He will respond by rewarding us openly with His mighty deeds and in the process glorify His name. Our reward will not just be earth-bound, but await our triumphant arrival in heaven.

Lord. I enlist your help today and commit my life to doing that which is necessary to further your kingdom objectives. Release your anointing for prayer and fasting upon my life today and help me to wage my closet war against Satan effectively. Amen.