“Through and with God we shall do valiantly, for He it is Who shall tread down our adversaries.” Ps 108:13 (Amplified)

According to the media the omens for this year are not very good. The crystal gazers have been hard at work and with good reasons have been telling us how terrible this year will turn out to be for us. Wherever you turn, the message of doom and gloom pervades the air and its acidic content is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most optimistic. However, one fact remains – we’ve been here before, for there is nothing new under the heavens. The way many are viewing this year was the way the Israelites viewed entering and possessing the land of Canaan that God had promised and substantively given to them. They were wary of the giants in the land just as some are now wary of the giants in the year. They failed to see themselves driving out these giants and were resigned to dying in the wilderness. However, one factor that these prophets of doom and gloom failed to take into consideration is the God factor – His faithfulness to keep His promise.

God had delivered on His promise to take the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and take them to the Promised Land. He had done the first and was about to do the latter and in the intervening period had demonstrated His faithfulness to them. He had led them through the Red Sea on dry ground, pulled off the nightmarish logistic of leading close to five million people from Egypt into the Sinai desert and beyond until they reached the borders of Canaan. He had provided water and food to sustain them in their travels and had shown Himself strong on their behalf when attacked by their enemies. Now they are encamped on the borders of Canaan preparatory to moving into the land and all they could think about was their inability to destroy the giants that stood between them and their possession. They had forgotten the God factor or His faithfulness that had brought them that far. So, instead of praising God in sincere appreciation of what He had done and in eager anticipation of what He was about to do, they started complaining and rebelled against Him. However, two men refused to swim in this tide of self pity; Joshua and Caleb understood that the God they served and who had brought them that far was not about to desert them in their hour of need, so they enjoined their compatriots to keep faith with God. In the light of their winning mindset, the giants were opportunities to be taken advantage of and not terrors to be feared and they duly recommended that they move forward and take the Land. Their reason was that since God had delight in them they would surely possess the land.

God’s message for you today is that He has delight in you. As He promised in Ps. 37:23-24, He will make your footsteps firm and that if you stumble, you will not fall because He will uphold you. Understand that God has not brought you this far in your journey only to serve as fodder for the spiritual, physical and economic giants that are in your way and wants to destroy you. So, take heart, for the God who is for you is greater that whatever challenges the year might bring. Be of good cheer. Since God has already overcome the world, it means that where you are concerned the best is yet to come and it surely will, starting this year, because you are Prince/Princess Valiant.

Father, this year may devour many, but I rejoice in your promise that it is hot bread for me. Thank you for a wonderful year as I expect more of you in every way. Lord, I look forward to the best years of my life so far in Jesus name. Amen.