“Then the LORD appeared to him and said: “Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land of which I shall tell you.” Gen 26:2 (NKJ)

At the height of the industrial age, an individual can be loyally shackled to just one company for his entire working life. That era of life-time commitment to one company is fast disappearing, as people increasingly feel that their loyalty is for those who have earned or are willing to pay the highest price for it. The information age is well and truly on its way and is characterised by increased mobility of labour as well as abundant career opportunities. These days, pursuing your career can take you just about anywhere in the world and for a select few even outside this world.

Millions of people now work in places where their grand parents never heard of and do jobs that only a generation would have been unheard of. This is the true face of progress. As of now, the world is truly a global village and we are all well and truly part of the global economy. Today, if a man coughs in Shanghai in the morning, by the evening the people living in Los Angeles would be complaining of fever, as more than ever the human destiny is interlinked for better or worse.

Nevertheless, this new world order poses both challenges as well as opportunities for us as Christians. It means that in the name of work we can actually take the name of Jesus to places where His name has never before been heard. It means that we are able to practically demonstrate the message of the Gospel to people in foreign lands where God is sending us. The reality is that many people are increasingly accepting these challenges and are taking advantage of these opportunities to impact lives for eternity. They are courageously blazing the trail for others to follow. Therefore, you and I now have the responsibility to take Jesus Christ with us in the course of doing our jobs, or involving ourselves in short term missionary trips, or taking a working holiday to sow Christ practically and therefore improve the standard of living for others.

Others still are considering changing jobs as they go in search of greener pastures. This kind of step was exactly what Isaac was contemplating in our anchor passage. He had set his eyes on the greener pastures of Egypt, but God had a different idea. He wanted Isaac to stay where he was with the promise that He would bless and prosper him. Isaac trusted and obeyed God’s command and as expected prospered greatly. So, if for whatever reasons you are considering changing jobs, why not first talk to God about it and then do whatever He tells you. Understand that no pasture can ever be greener or infinitely more rewarding than where God has planted and established you.

Wherever your place of work is – whether on land or at sea, on an oil rig or plantation, inside the four corners of a wall or under the elements, take every opportunity to share God’ immeasurable love with those you come in contact with. Let your work preach the Gospel to a world in need.

Lord, make me your hands and feet to take the Gospel of your Son to wherever you would have gone had you been living here on the earth. Anoint my life and cause the overflow of your anointing to impact the people I come into contact with on a daily basis in Jesus name. Amen.