“And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Phil.4:19 (Amplified)

Those who have been fortunate enough to have travelled by air on a rainy day will attest to the fact that however dark the cloud or heavy the resultant rain, once you are above the cloud, the sun is always shinning. This can be an exhilarating experience. However, for those confined to terra firma, it is a different story altogether, since they are always subject to whatever the weather is doing. This in a nutshell illustrates the difference between the spiritual and physical worlds. The weather above the clouds is always sunny, while that below is changeable. God’s promises and their fulfilment constantly and tangibly exist in real time in the spiritual world. There simply is no room for doubt to exist. Nevertheless, difficulties and changeable circumstances in the physical world often mean that we have to strive to spiritually get our heads above the cloud in order to experience the reality and serenity of life above it.

Heaven is the abode and dominion of God Who reigns supreme. Nothing interferes with His rule in this realm. Earth on the other hand is subject to demonic interference, although still subject to God’s overall control. The implication of this rule for us is that heaven enjoys eternal prosperity while the earth is subject to periods of boom and bust. Hence, there are times of plenty interspersed with famines and times of sickness punctuated by ill-health and diseases. Heaven is defined by the absence of these bad things we experience and consummately loath here on earth.

God’s goal from the foundations of the world has always been to draw us up from the cesspit of earth’s limitations to the limitless mountain heights of heaven. For example, He promised us that by His stripes we were healed. This means that sickness is according to heaven’s reality alien to our bodies. Consequently, we should ideally not fall sick at all and that if we do, we should raise our eyes and by faith receive God’s provision of healing for our ailment. This is because illness does not exist in heaven and God’s principal goal remains to give us a taste of heaven whilst living on earth. The same reasoning applies to every aspect of our lives including our finances.

In the same way that any illness that afflicts our lives constitutes a lie according to heaven’s perspective in the sense that such fact seek to make God’s word a lie, famine or economic recession, and other facts of life, seek to undermine God’s provision for us. In order to impose the reality of God’s truth on and thus nullify the impact of such lies on our lives, we have to employ the force of faith to rise above the challenges that such lies pose to the truth of God’s word as it applies to our lives and prosper in the process. God’s promise to meet our needs is thus not subject to earth’s prevailing conditions, but based on the limitless and eternal provisions of heaven. We therefore live on earth not according to our limited resources but according to His limitless and unfathomable providence. It is like living on heaven’s credit card. So, beware! Don’t buy Satan’s lie of recession. The world may have it, but you don’t have to accept it.

Lord, by faith I affirm your truth and hold on to that promise to liberally supply all my needs according to your limitless riches. I reject recession and all it represents as I await the manifestation of that liberal provision in my life in Jesus name. Amen.